Where Did Steroids Originate From?
Steroids were initially developed in Germany in the 1940s and were used experimentally on their troops during World War II. The drug's ability to stimulate tissue growth and protein synthesis lead them to believe that it might be beneficial to treat wounded victims. The drug never reached huge success because alternative drugs with fewer side effects were discovered and the legal use of steroids still seems to be declining.

What Are Legal Uses for Anabolic Steroids?
Steroids are used in treating anemia because of it's ability to increase the production of red blood cells. They are also used for treating leukemia and even with strengthening therapy. Steroids have also been used in combination with other drugs as a means of treating AIDS patients.

Who Uses Anabolic Steroids?
Athletes often use steroids to perform at their best, unfortunately many individuals feel that they cannot be competitive without the help of steroids. It can undoubtedly increase muscular growth in both men and women and it is believed that the enhanced muscular growth can increase the body's ability to repair itself after a hard training session. This might very well be true, but for these effects the doses need to be pretty high, causing greater side effects.

What Happens When You Stop Using Steroids?
Some of the side effects of steroid use are reversible, but not all of them. Additionally, once you stop using steroids you might lose most of the muscle growth you have gained. Typcially this is because your body stops the production of it's own testosterone when large amounts of synthetic testosterone are supplied in the form of steroids. Some bodybuilders claim that it is possible to kick-start your body's production of testosterone by using certain supplements after your steroid cycle. Some athletes might experience depression after they have stopped a cycle, this can also lead to a decrease in their training activities since they feel they cannot function without the steroids.

How Can I Tell If Someone Is Using Steroids?
Some symptoms of steroid use can include:

Rapid weight and muscle gain
Sudden mood changes or aggressive behavior
Acne, especially on the back
A sudden increase and extreme increase in appetite

Will I Experience Muscle Gains If I Use Steroids Without Training?
Yes, you might experience muscle growth, but it will be significantly less than you would gain with strength training. Steroids will increase your body's ability to repair itself after a training session, thus enabling you to train longer and harder which is where the development comes in. It will also build muscle mass by boosting protein synthesis and lowering production of the stress hormone cortisol.


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